Checking out the new Hudson H9 9mm (VIDEOS)

Firearms instructor Parker Fawbush recently got his hands on one of the new production Hudson H9 striker-fired 1911-ish 9mm pistols and has some thoughts on the platform.

Debuted with a splash at SHOT Show in Las Vegas early this year, the hybrid design promises an unloaded weight of some 34-ounces, and a short-take up trigger with a 4.5-to-5-pound break — and just recently started shipping after a lengthy developmental process.

While the H9 is pushing deep into the envelope of John Browning’s famous GI longslide, the unconventional nose profile, low bore axis, accessory rail, 15-shot double stack mag and striker-fired design brings something new to the standard 1911 table. Hudson also promises their $1,100-ish pistol to be readily convertible, offering a reversible magazine release to complement the ambi slide releases, configurable thumb safeties and interchangeable grips to swap out their standard G10 panels.

What does Fawbush think of the new gun? Well, not to spoil the video too much, but there was a slight problem with the recoil guide rod spring, though he did find it pretty reliable overall after suffering one failure to feed in the first 500 rounds of testing with no cleaning or lube.

Tim with the Military Arms Channel has also been field testing a Hudson H9 in recent weeks. That video is below ICYMI.

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