Pulsar delivers more magnification to Helion XP28 and XP50 series

(Photo: Pulsar)

Pulsar launches new lenses for its Helion XP series. (Photo: Pulsar)

Pulsar kicks its Helion XP28 and XP50 series up a notch, adding new lenses designed to step up magnification on the monocular lineup.

The new thermal lenses — the F28, F38 and F50, increase base magnification up to 2.5x. The compact, lightweight lens systems are constructed utilizing durable glass-filled nylon composite. Touting premium, fine-ground, polished and coated germanium for IR transmission, according to Pulsar, the lenses are available in three total fixed magnifications: 1.4x for the F28, 1.9x for the F38 and 2.5x for the F50.

In addition to adding in a little more magnification, the lenses also replace broken or damaged lens systems, which allow users to continue using the platform on hand instead of buying an all-new monocular. All three lenses are compatible with Pulsar’s Helion XP series and ship with a carrying case and lens cloth.

Prices start at $599 for the F28 and top out at $1,079 for the F50 lens. All three lenses are currently available from Pulsar.

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