Grey Ghost Precision unmasks aftermarket Glock 43 slides

(Graphic: Jacki Billings)

Grey Ghost offers two patterns on the new slides. (Graphic: Jacki Billings)

Guns and parts maker Grey Ghost Precision expands its Glock offerings, divulging details on its latest aftermarket slide for the Glock 43.

Built from an American made billet blank boasting 17-PH stainless steel, the SPG43  meshes strength and hardness with corrosion resistance, according to Grey Ghost. Maintaining a critical tolerance to .003-inches, the company says engineers are able to provide both accuracy and reliability.

Flaunting two patterns, the SPG43 meshes sleek aesthetics with functionality, according to the company. Grey Ghost says that though the unique look adds much needed flare to the monotonous, single stack 9mm pistol, the design also improves slide manipulation. Offered in Black Nitride or other colors in diamond-like Carbon, or DLC, the SPG43 will also feature a limited edition grey DLC finish. The special edition will come etched to ‘commemorate the first to market.”

The Glock upgrades are ready to accept all Glock or aftermarket OEM parts, allowing Glock fans to immediately install components as needed. Grey Ghost says as the Glock 43 is a popular carry option and, therefore, is deserving of a functional, consistent and stylish slide.

“With the need now more than ever to rely on your carry pistol, the decision was obvious for us to develop an option for the G43,” Grey Ghost Precision Vice President of Firearms Jason Curns said in a statement. “We take great pride in providing products that meet the demands of our customers, and are confident that the new SPG43’s look and functionality will more than exceed expectations.”

Though no official date has been given for the new slides, the company said consumers can expect to see the SPG43 lineup dropping soon online. Grey Ghost also hasn’t revealed at what price point the SPG43s are expected to slip into, but the company’s current Glock slides retail for around $400.

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