Kicking the tires with the Kalashnikov USA KR-9M sub gun (VIDEO)

The domestically-produced version of the Russian Vityaz submachine gun in 9mm is certainly a head-turner on the range.

Florida-based Kalashnikov USA has been promising delivery on their KR-9 9mm platform, to include the KUSA 9mm pistol, the KR-9 carbine and the KR-9 short barreled rifle for a minute and has been showing them off at trade shows in recent months.

Larry Vickers has a fun-button enabled KR-9M SMG direct from KUSA to play with in the above video. As the closed-bolt blowback-action Vityaz it’s based on runs 700-750 rounds-per-minute when on full-auto, the 9mm rattlesnake spits out the brass.

Now if we can just talk about that Hughes Amendment.

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