Don't let a champagne cork slow you down on New Years (VIDEOS)

With New Years on the very near horizon, 5.11 Tactical gives 45-seconds of instruction in the classic art of Sabrage via an Operator Axe.

The use of a saber, sword, spoon or whatever to literally pop the tops on bottles of champagne and (some*) sparkling wine has been around for a while but 5.11 brings the 411 on the practice in the above video, released this week.

Food icon and “Thyme Lord” Alton Brown, often regarded as being very pro-gun and an HK fan, has the full run-down below, though he cautions you probably shouldn’t try this at home. After all, the eyeball you save could be your neighbor’s. And yes, we’ve also covered doing this with both a Winchester 73 and a tricked-out .22LR in the past.

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