Grandma to Christmas Eve home invader: 'Get ready to die' (VIDEO)

A self-described “tough old lady” in West Virginia refused to play the victim to an early morning intruder and met him at the window with her gun.

Yvonda “Bonnie” Gatens woke to the sound of a man trying to pry open her bedroom window on Sunday, WSAZ reported. Calling 911, Gatens pulled her gun on the man and told him, “you’re going to die” which she says prompted the would-be home invader to fall over to the side and flee.

A search by Gatens and responding police failed to locate the man but she says she intends to keep an eye out.

“If you come in here, it’s going to be you or me, and I’ll see to it that it won’t be me,” Gatens says, showing off a shotgun in her bedroom closet and a revolver in her bureau.

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