Thieves steal over 30 guns in less than a minute from Tennessee shop (VIDEO)

A Christmas morning break-in at Double Tap Tactical in Clarksville has left a shop owner reeling and police on the lookout for the bandits.

According to, police responded to the alarm within six-minutes but the thieves had already made their getaway with 31 stolen firearms among other items. Surveillance footage of the incident shows three burglars in hoodies smash their way into the store then break display cases with hammers, stuffing handguns into bags as they went.

Police advise the group left with 25 semi-automatic pistols, three revolvers, and three rifles.

“Unfortunately, everything that was stolen has really crippled us and I am unsure which direction to go,” said Ron Berger, the shop owner on social media, describing the burglary as a “catastrophic event.” Berger, a veteran, told local media he has owned the shop with his wife for five years but they recently moved and didn’t have insurance on their new location.

“So moving forward from this point I don’t know what direction we’re gonna go unless we get our firearms back,” said Berger. “It’s not looking promising.”

Double Tap has a dedicated webpage with video and images taken from their surveillance cameras of the burglars in action and they ask anyone with information to call Clarksville Police at (931) 648-0656.

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