Visiting with a low-mileage Danish bolt-action rifle: The Madsen M47 (VIDEO)

Put into production at a time when the militaries of the world were moving quickly to battle rifles, the bolt-action Danish M47 came late to the party.

Designed in 1947 by the company that made one of the first successful light machine guns, the rifle had a lot of neat features and was offered in a variety of military calibers. However, when floated onto a market that was crowded with literally millions of surplus Enfields, Springfields, Mausers and Mosins, and everyone looking to the new kids on the block such as the FN FAL and M14, the project was dead in the water. In the end, the only country that bit on the gun was Colombia which ordered a few thousand chambered in 30.06 in the 1950s.

And it is a Colombian-marked example that Tim and Jason with the Military Arms Channel have in the above video. Overall, the Madsen just seems like a simple and pretty sweet design that just came out at the wrong time in history.

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