Ballistics testing against both silver and aluminum, because why not (VIDEOS)

Matt down on Demolition Ranch pokes holes in a silver bar while Edwin Sarkissian goes after a thicker block of more economical aluminum.

In the above spot, the DR crew ups their metal game with a 100-ounce brick of .999 silver, which is fairly expensive. Relax, though, he builds a catch box to help retain the precious metal spall. However, in the end, there is some loss due to .50 BMG perforation which he swaps out for lead and copper traces.

And in other news from the YT gun channels, Edwin S clocks in and takes out his frustration on a 2.5-inch thick aluminum plate with his own .50-caliber test in the below video. While probably more recyclable than Matt’s silver block, the impact seems more…dynamic.

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