Interview With Jeff Daves at the Knob Creek machine gun shoot (VIDEO)

The crowd that attends the Knob Creek machine gun shoot in West Point, Kentucky, is primarily white. This is despite statistics showing that 22.7 percent of Louisville’s population of 601,611 people are black. West Point is at the western part of Louisville. Kentucky’s demographics however are quite different, especially in rural areas. 86.1 percent of it’s population of 4.4 million people are white and only 7.8 percent are black. From my own experience, the gun shoot tends to attract more rural attendees.

So, it’s not strange that the event has an attendance that is primarily white. Of course, minorities are welcome as well as tourists. I was able to catch up with an African American attendee named Jeff Daves who drives up from Lanett, Alabama twice a year for the bi-annual event. He loves watching the guns go off, the explosions and doing some shopping. He can find parts for his guns that he can’t anywhere else. He thinks it’s a spectacular event and would love to see more minorities attend. Perhaps by talking with us, he can inspire them to check it out.

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