Why you should always look for what you shoot when hunting (VIDEO)

Mark Muller, president of Max Motors in Butler, Missouri, demonstrates why it’s so important to look for your kill after you shoot when hunting.

Late in the evening of Nov. 15, while deer hunting in his stand on his ranch in Missouri, Muller spotted a coyote in the fading light. It was trotting along the edge of a field 250 yards away. Muller typically shoots every coyote he sees as they wreak havoc on his ranch.

He lifted his rifle and took a shot. The coyote rolled, obviously hit, but managed to run into the woods. He marked the spot and as night fell, instead of going out looking for it, he headed home.

The following morning, he returned to the spot and looked for blood. Unable to find any, he entered the woods where he thought the coyote went in. To his surprise, about 50 feet in, he heard rustling and spotted the coyote from the night before. It was still alive and had been lying there all night suffering. Muller immediately drew his sidearm and fired several rounds into the poor beast.

No matter how much he dislikes coyotes, Muller doesn’t like to see any animal suffer. He uses this experience as a prime example of why you should always look after you shoot. If you’re willing to take a shot, you should be willing to give pursuit. No animal should lay and suffer.

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