Who needs a Saiga when you can home-brew your own semi-auto 12 ga (VIDEOS)

01/3/18 8:00 AM | by

Who needs a Saiga when you can home-brew your own semi-auto 12 ga (VIDEOS)


YouTube home gunsmith AK Custom crafted a bullpup magazine-fed semi-auto shotgun out of some common items, a $32 paintball lower and a little bit of his time.

The detachable 10-shot magazine borrows a spring from an M16 mag while the action, barrel, and bolt are made from a series of pipes and rods. The lower is a Raptor paintball gun which provides a simple but working trigger and sear. The contraption that he says has about 25 hours of his time invested in takes down with a flathead screwdriver and a 7/16 socket– no metric, here, folks! Paint the whole thing “Oregano green” camo and you are good to go.

Sure, it looks like a plumber’s dream, but so did the STEN SMG, M3 Grease Gun, and a host of others that seem crude but proved surprisingly effective.

Speaking of effective, check out the initial firing video below. Baby steps.

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