Guy builds his girlfriend a badass pink AR-15 rifle (VIDEO)

Johnny Muller, of Kansas City, built an AR-15 rifle that sparked his girlfriend’s interest so much that he built her one as well — with a lot of pink parts. Now, she’s hooked on shooting.

Muller thinks, despite the gun’s very girly appearance, he thinks it’s very cool. Before she received the rifle, his girlfriend wasn’t interested in guns. Now the couple go shooting together all the time. “It’s just one more thing we can do to enjoy each other’s company,” he said.

Muller built her rifle around an Aero Precision Pew Special Edition lower receiver, meaning it features the word “pew” instead of bullet symbols for fire and safety. The rifle also features a pink grip, pink forward assist, pink trigger guard and pink charging handle, all with the Punisher Girl emblem printed on them.

But what Muller likes the most about her rifle is when the pink dust cover flips down, it reads: “YOU’RE FUCKED.” He thinks it’s funny because even though the gun is very “girly,” it’s still a deadly weapon. “I don’t think anyone’s ever going to make fun of you, or laugh at someone who’s holding an AR-15,” he said.

He built both his gun and his girlfriend’s gun on similar parts. They feature mostly Magpul furniture and Aero Precision parts. The pink parts for his girlfriend’s gun had to be special ordered. Muller thinks building an AR-15 for your significant other is a fantastic idea. “It is such a blast to be able to share that experience with them,” he said.

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