Retay Arms offers push button removable trigger for semi-auto shotguns

(Photo: Retay Arms)

The push button removable trigger allows the trigger group to be removed quickly and easily. (Photo: Retay Arms)

Turkey based Retay Arms announced the introduction of the push button removable trigger to its semi-automatic shotgun lineup.

The push button design has been favored among some competitive shooters due to its ability to be quickly swapped out if a malfunction arises, allowing competitors to continue their match unencumbered. The push button technology also grants shooters the ability to efficiently clean and service the trigger group, Retay Arms said. Though available on high end competition guns for years, Retay aims to bring push button removable trigger technology to the every day consumer in a more affordable package.

The company has equipped the push button removable trigger on its Masai Mara shotgun. The shotgun’s trigger group features a one piece, milled aluminum trigger housing that functions as both the trigger guard and the means by which all internal parts co-exist. To remove the trigger, Retay says shooters simply press a small button located above and behind the cross bolt safety whie simultaneously pressing the bolt release button on the side of the receiver. This permits the trigger group to rotate down and out of the receiver.

(Photo: Retay Arms)

The push button removable trigger appears in Retay Arm’s Masai Mara. (Photo: Retay Arms)

To replace the trigger group, shooters merely rotate the trigger group back into the receiver and press the bolt release to seat the trigger back into position. The company says the entire process takes less than 7-seconds to complete, with no tools or special equipment needed.

Retay Arm’s Masai Mara equipped with the push button removable trigger group is available with a MSRP of $799.

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