Saber Solutions serves up M-LOK Grip Enhancement Panel

(Photo: Saber Solutions)

The grip panel allows users to trim to fit specific lengths. (Photo: Saber Solutions)

Accessory maker Saber Solutions delivers a M-LOK Grip Enhancement Panel designed to increase firearm control in addition to maintaining a more positive grip on guns.

The panel, which are mineral coated to offer traction in adverse conditions, utilizes an acrylic adhesive to attach to firearms. The adhesive works alongside plastics, metals and composites in an array of temperature conditions.

The enhancement tape offers a better gripping surface but does not greatly impact the overall circumference of the grip area, according to Saber Solutions. The Enhancement Panel comes in a pack with seven panels that can be trimmed to fit specific lengths or firearm configurations.

Saber Solutions says the Enhancement Panels are designed to interface with all handguards that align with Magpul M-LOK TDP dimensions.

No special equipment is needed to mount the grip tape — only requiring some brake cleaner/isopropyl alcohol for cleaning and a hair dryer or heat gun to bond the adhesive to the surface of the firearm. The Enhancement Panels’ adhesive reaches full strength in 24 to 48 hours, according to the company.

The M-LOK Grip Enhancement Panel by Saber Solutions is available online with a retail price of $19.98.

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