Lyman launches Brass Smith Ideal press for reloading

(Photo: Lyman)

The press offers usability for both beginners and more experienced reloaders. (Photo: Lyman)

Lyman Products adds to its reloading inventory, introducing the new Brass Smith Ideal press.

Touting a heavy duty cast iron frame matched with stainless parts, the press is capable of tackling all pistol calibers and rifle cartridges up to 3.7 inch length. The set-up handles standard 7.8-inch by 14-inch dies and standard shell holders.

Flaunting an ambidextrous operation, the 12-pound Brass Smith Ideal press makes reloading easier for both beginners and experts, according to Lyman.

“The new Brass Smith Ideal Press is a single-operation press that really gives a reloader plenty of options. Very affordable, it makes a great starting press for a novice reloader that allows them to reload a variety of pistol and rifle ammo,” said Trevor Mullen, VP of Global Marketing and Business Development for Lyman Products, in a press release. ”For the seasoned reloader, this C-Frame style press gives them the advantage of adding to their operation without having to reconfigure an existing press or take up lots of bench space with another big press.”

Made in the USA, the Brass Smith Ideal press is available now through Lyman with a MSRP of $99.

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