'My America' according to an ex-Army cavalry scout, tanker (VIDEO)

Ex-United States Army cavalry scout and tanker, firearm and military vehicle enthusiast Marc William Hampton loves America and the great realm of freedoms that his country affords.

Originally from California, he now resides in Radcliff, Kentucky, adjacent to the Fort Knox Army Base. His daily driver is a decommissioned M35A1 deuce and a half truck. In this video, he explains the many benefits of this vehicle.

When Hampton’s not at his day job, you’ll likely find him underneath his truck covered in grease, with a wrench in one hand and a cold beer in the other. At night, you’ll likely find him at the Ohio Valley Dragway, either watching the action or burning some rubber himself. And on the weekends, he can often be found at the Knob Creek gun range, sighting in a new rifle, or putting some lead downrange.

Hampton loves his country and risked his life for it. As long as he’s not hurting anyone, and respects other people’s freedoms, he’d like to enjoy his own brand of freedom.

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