Meopta announces MeoMag 3x Magnifier for red dots

(Photo: Meopta)

The MeoMag 3x pairs with red dots or can be used as a monocular. (Photo: Meopta)

Meopta continues releasing new products for the new year, launching the MeoMag 3x Magnifier designed to be used alongside red dot sights.

Though constructed to pair with red dots, the MegoMag 3x also operates as a stand alone 3x monocular. Weighing just under 8-ounces, the magnifier sports an ergonomic shape Meopta says fits comfortably in user’s hands when used solo.

The magnifier features Meopta’s proprietary MeoBright lens multi-coatings designed to eliminate glare and reflections. Alternatively the MeoDrop lens coatings provide an improved level of clarity in snow and rain. The coatings also repel oils and dirt.

“The MeoMag 3x is ideal for use with our MeoRed T, MeoRed T-mini, MeoSight III, M-RAD and all other red dot sights on the market today,” said Reinhard Seipp, general manager of Meopta USA, in a statement. “When extra magnification is required for longer shots, the MeoMag 3x can be swiftly attached with the quick release mount and removed when additional magnification is no longer needed. A hinge mount is also available that allows the user to quickly flip the magnifier to either the right or left and out of the line of sight at a moment’s notice.”

The MegoMag 3x boasts waterproof, fogproof and shockproof capabilities and ships with a Fast Opening Lens Cover. MSRP is set at $999.

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