Retay Arms to introduce new Inertia Plus shotgun action at SHOT Show

Turkey-based Retay Arms announced plans to debut its new Inertia Plus semi-automatic shotgun action at the upcoming SHOT Show in Las Vegas later this month.

The Inertia Plus system has been in development since 2015, with the engineers over at Retay grooming and fine-tuning it with the goal of adding improved functionality to the traditional inertia rotating bolt head.

The Intertia Plus set-up utilizes an adapted torsion mechanism that is inlaid in the body of the system’s bolt head, according to Retay. The mechanism is charged with kinetic energy — a byproduct of the floating bolt-head rotating backwards out of battery during the first phase of recoil. The energy is stored with the bolt body as the body moves backward with the energy being released to apply additional forward rotational force to propel the bolt-head forward priming it for the next round.

“The system eliminates the bolt-head lock up issues that can be experienced with a traditional inertia system when cycling lightweight or lower velocity shotgun shells,” Retay said in a press release. “The Retay Inertia Plus system also eliminates the need to fully spring slam or manually ‘click’ the bolt into the battery during initial chambering.”

The company says the system will most likely release to consumers in the U.S. in 2018, though no specific dates have been offered.

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