Tandemkross delivers steel compensator for shooting sports


The Game Changer Pro compensator works with 1/2×28 threaded barrels. (Photo: Tandemkross)

Aftermarket accessories maker Tandemkross introduces a new steel compensator, the Game Changer Pro Compensator, for Ruger and Browning threaded barrels.

The Game Changer Pro works alongside Ruger MK Series, Ruger 10/22, SW22 Victory, Browning Buck Mark as well as other 1/2×28 threaded barrels. The compensator adds weight to the front of the handgun allowing for better balance and more accuracy, according to Tandemkross.

The steel set-up vents gases up and away at a 45-degree angle. The company says this venting provides better visibility and control of the pistol while reducing muzzle rise. The Game Changer Pro is an upgrade to the company’s original Game Changer design, offering more durability.

“The ‘Game Changer PRO’ ups the quality and durability over the original ‘Game Changer’ compensator,” said Tandemkross Product Development Director Jake Wyman in a statement. “Our customers asked for a compensator that was steel and easier to clean and we’ve given them what they asked for with the creation of the ‘Game Changer PRO’.”

Available in raw stainless steel or black finish, the black boasts a proprietary easy-clean coating for simpler maintenance while the raw steel can be cleaned with tougher solvents.

The threaded compensator is priced at $59.

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