This Hunter Loves His .270 Weatherby Magnum Rifle ::

Mark Muller, president of Max Motors in Butler, Missouri, loves his .270 Weatherby Magnum rifle. He thinks it’s the perfect rifle, and round, for Missouri whitetail deer hunting.

Muller has been hunting all his life and loves it. He sees it as a way of communing with God. Every Missouri deer season, from Nov. 10-20, he invites family and a few lucky friends, to hunt on his beautiful 1200 acre ranch. It’s a hunting paradise. A dozen elevated stands overlook perfectly manicured shooting lanes and freshly harvested corn fields. A variety of vehicles get you around. Early mornings and evenings are spent in the stand, while afternoons and nights are spent eating together like royalty, and discussing the day’s hunt.

Muller’s rifle of choice for as long as he can remember is his .270 Weatherby Magnum. He auditioned many rifles before settling on this walnut-stocked, blue-barreled, bolt-actioned beauty. He encourages others to do the same to find their perfect fitting rifle. Muller claims that when his rifle goes off, something dies, every, single time. He only shoots if he has a good shot.

Mounted atop the rifle is a 3-9×40 Zeiss Conquest scope. Muller loves Zeiss glass. It allows him to see well after sun down. He prefers a horsehair strap over leather because it has better traction. It also enables him to use the strap as a means of leverage, to make a steady handheld shot. On more than one occasion, he has spotted ‘his buck’ as he approached his stand in the afternoon.

Muller also swears by the Weatherby .270 magnum round. It shoots flat and has all the killing power for anything in Missouri. He’d move up to a bigger caliber for elk hunting in Colorado, or moose hunting in Canada, but for Missouri whitetail deer hunting, he thinks the Weatherby .270 Magnum is the perfect round.


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