Reflecting on the new 9mm Ruger PC carbine (VIDEO)

Though he normally sticks to rimfires, 22 Plinkster really seems to dig the new Ruger PC carbine — likely due to it’s similarity to the 10/22 Takedown.

The new PC series provides a compact and lightweight carbine aimed at plinkers and the home defense market with a wide-range of magazine well adapters to accommodate a variety of users.

The handy carbine ships capable of accepting Ruger SR-series or the new Security-9 series pistol magazines right out of the box, while a Glock 9mm well is included for those who already have a stockpile of those mags.

Already have a Ruger American Pistol in 9mm? They offer that magazine well for sale separately. The trigger on the PC uses 10/22 components, and it takes down in a similar way for storage.

‘Plink decks his test case PC out with a Leupold LCO optic, Glock mags and a suppressor (the barrel is standard 1/2-inch-28TPI threaded), then proceeds to riddle the plate out to 100 yards.

“She will run,” he says. “She will run well.”

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