Magpul: We now have 10 round Glock mags for those behind the lines (VIDEO)

For those Glock lovers living in “less-than-free states” that don’t want to move to Texas, Magpul is offering what they bill as a reliable state-compliant 9mm mag.

With 10 round options now for both the G17 and 19, Magpul bills the latest parabellum PMAGs as working in standard, compact and sub-compact doublestack 9mm Glock handguns, with a restricted capacity to abide local laws in places such as California, Colorado, Illinois and New York. The drop free mags use the company’s familiar dot matrix panels for marking and identification, disassemble for routine maintenance and are compatible with their GL magwells and plates.

Price? $15.95 direct from Magpul.

P.S. They also stealth added a 12-round G26, as well as $19.95 21-round and $21.95 27-round 9mm extendo Glockazines to their catalog as well for those in the rest of America. Maybe Magpul heard about that whole SHOT Show thing and wanted to be on point. Maybe they just love Freedom.

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