Meopta continues roll out of new products, launching MeoAce

The MeoAce(Photo: Meopta)

The MeoAce Tactical Sight boasts an illuminate reticle and compatibility with 5.56 and 7.62 rifles. (Photo: Meopta)

The MeoAce 3×20 Tactical Sight is the latest optic to join Meopta’s ever expanding lineup of sights and scopes.

The MeoAce introduces an illuminated reticle compatible with 5.56 NATO and 7.62×39 NATO up to 400 meters. The compact sight accommodates night vision to expand shooting performance into the evening and late night hours, while the reticle features 12 intensity settings. These settings allow shooters to dial in brightness to pair with environmental light and weather conditions.

The MeoAce uses Meopta’s proprietary MeoBright lens multi-coatings to reduce glare and reflection. Alternatively, the MeoDrop coatings deliver hydrophobic performance for “the highest level of visual clarity in adverse weather conditions.” Meopta says the lens coatings repel both rain and snow in addition to skin oils, dirt and grime that can find their way onto optical surfaces.

“The MeoAce sight is a rugged, high-performance optic and part of Meopta’s commitment to deliver the finest European optical quality to the tactical and L.E. markets here in the U.S.,” Reinhard Seipp, general manager of Meopta USA, said in a press release.

The MeoAce 3×20 is set to land on consumers in February 2018 with a MSRP of $1,299.

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