New Savage 110 Brush Hunter packs a wallop in a small package (VIDEO)

Chambered in .375 Ruger or .338 Win Mag, Savage has a compact howitzer among their updated Model 110 rifle line.

The new 110 Brush Hunter builds on the popularity of the company’s legacy 116 Alaskan and mates a 20-inch, stainless steel medium-contour barrel with a user-adjustable stock and trigger. To allow users to customize a precise fit for better accuracy and comfort, the bolt-gun is stainless on black with four length of pull inserts. Weight is billed at around 7.6-pounds while overall length, depending on the stock set up, tapes out to about 40-inches.

Other features include a detachable box magazine, beefy iron sights and their adjustable AccuTrigger to help, as Savage notes, “Stop the biggest game in its tracks and beat the toughest conditions.”

MSRP is $784, which is notably the same price point as the Alaskan, but you get the length of pull adjustments and a threaded barrel for value added.

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