Pulsar Forward F series takes daytime scopes to nighttime optics

(Photo: Pulsar)

The Forward F series turns daytime scopes and optics into night time capable setups. (Photo: Pulsar)

Pulsar launches a new line of digital night vision attachments, officially debuting the Forward F series  designed to take scopes from day to night.

The Pulsar F135 and F155 attachments take everyday daytime scopes and convert them to a digital night vision option. The attachments mount easily, according to Pulsar, attaching in just seconds.

The F series is equipped with a 702×526 CMOS sensor and high resolution 640×480 AMOLED display. The set-up delivers a crisp detection range of 500 yards “in the darkest condition,” according to Pulsar. Perfect for hog and predator hunting, the attachment provides shooters with the option to record and live stream hunts via YouTube or the Stream Vision App via built-in wifi.

“Providing shooters the option of onboard recording and built-in wifi, Pulsar Forwards feature live streaming to YouTube and smart devices through its new Stream Vision App giving every hunter the chance to not only relive their adventures but show their friends their perfect kill shot,” Pulsar said in a statement.

A modular 940nm LED IR illuminator, rechargeable nine-hour battery pack, lens cover, carrying case, MicroUSB cable and lens cloth all come standard with the Forward F series. No word yet on pricing.

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