Cabot Guns shows off new Gentleman's Carry 1911, Empire Damascus set (VIDEOS)

The small batch 1911 experts at Cabot Guns have a new carry gun aimed at today’s modern gentleman and shows off a few of one-of-a-kind specials as well.

The above video exhibits the custom gun maker’s client-ordered Empire Damascus pistol set, consisting of a twin pair of longslides handcrafted in 120 layer Artisan Damascus stainless steel for the frame, slide and small parts. The grip panels, sights and triggers are made from the 4.5 billion-year-old Gibeon meteorite while 24 karat gold inlays adorn the slide.

The below Sixth Commandment pistol is another special order piece that springs from the mind of master engraver Otto Carter who spent 10 months of his life crafting the functional piece of art for a Cabot client. In case you are curious, the grip panels are buffalo horn.

In addition to the unique 1911s above, which Cabot is bringing to SHOT Show in Las Vegas later this month to exhibit, the company is marketing a production Commander-sized pistol available in.45ACP or 9mm made with full-circle technology that features carry cuts and a bobtail for fewer snag points. Termed the Gentleman’s Carry, the gun is beautifully accented with checkered walnut grips but is still very functional with tritium front and rear sights, a hand polished feed ramp and a flush and recessed crown.

Cabot Guns shows off new Gentleman's Carry 1911, Empire Damascus set (VIDEOS)
Price on the Gentleman’s Carry is $4,795. You probably don’t want to know what the Damascus and Sixth Commandment pistols went for.

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