Magpul releases 10-round PMAGs for Glock 17 and 19

Magpul continues its accessory dominance over tactically minded shooters by introducing a new 10-round PMAG for Glock owners.

While Magpul laments the fact that any gun owner is restricted to only 10 rounds of bang, the company says that even gun owners in restricted states deserve better performing mags. Enter the PMAG G17 and G19 models, which cut round capacity to 10-rounds to satisfy all state regulations.

Designed to continue the tradition of high quality and high performance, the new PMAGs work alongside their designated Glock counterpart. The MAG907 delivers compatibility with just compact and sub-compact 9mm model Glocks while the MAG801 opens compatibility up to all 9mm Glocks including standard, compact and sub-compact.

The newer PMAGs feature the same double stack feed geometry as the standard capacity PMAG GL9. Magpul says this design ensures proper and consistent feeding. The 10-rounders also work alongside Magpul’s GL-L plates for competition use.

Available in any color, so long as that color is black, Magpul serves up the PMAG 10-round mags for $15.95.

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