Traditions Firearms adds new models to Outfitter G2 series

(Photo: Traditions Firearms)

The Outfitter G2 series sees more calibers to tackle whitetail and big game. (Photo: Traditions Firearms)

Traditions Firearms expands its Outfitter G2 series with the addition of two new caliber options and a youth model.

Joining the Outfitter G2 lineup is the .450 Bushmaster and 444 Marlin calibers. These chamberings join the series other calibers which include .357 Mag, .35 Whelen, .44 Mag, .45-70 and .35 Rem. The break action, single shot rifle features a 22-inch Lothar Walther fluted barrel and is designed for whitetail and large game hunting.

With an 11-degree target crown and a point of balance that has been moved rearward, the rifle is has been adjusted to allow smaller-framed shooters to operate more efficiently. Additionally, the company has added a youth model, chambered in .243 Cal, to better accommodate smaller and younger shooters.

The rifle boasts a transfer bar system and trigger block safety with larger calibers (45-70, 35 Rem and .450 Bushmaster) shipping with a muzzle brake. The rifle is available solo or in scoped/case packages.

MSRP runs between $439 to $586.

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