Maxpedition introduces new Entity line of concealment packs

Maxpedition announced it’s set to launch a brand new line of concealment backpacks called the Entity series coming in Spring 2018.

The Entity series will feature a variety of packs and accessories designed around what the company calls “Non-Tactical/Tactical concept.” The NTT is designed to give gun enthusiasts a means to discreetly conceal carry, averting the typical tactical look most carry packs offer.

Ditching MOLLE, the backpacks offer a compartment for concealed carry firearms to be stowed but accessed easily in the event of emergency. Providing functional packs that don’t draw unwanted attention, the company says the launch will initially consist of three backpacks, a sling pack, four pouches and two hook and loop accessories.

“The Entity line is based on the often obscure ideology that ‘tactical’ is not a design style. ‘Tactical’ does not mean black and covered in MOLLE. Rather, ‘tactical’ describes the mind-set of a person who is situationally aware and prepared for action,” Tim Tang, president of Maxpedition, said in a statement. “The Entity line was designed for such a person.”

The bags will appear in the Spring with prices starting at $159 for packs, $15.99 for pouches and $12.99 for additional accessories.

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