Nighthawk Custom announces release of Agent 2 pistol

(Photo: Nighthawk Custom)

The Agent 2 sees Nighthawk Custom pair with several collaborators to induce high end features on the new pistol. (Photo: Nighthawk Custom)

Nighthawk Custom introduces the second iteration of its Agent 1 pistol, introducing the Nighthawk Agent 2.

A collaboration between Nighthawk Custom, Agency Arms, Railscales and Hillbilly 223, the Agent 2 features a sleek aesthetic paired with functionality, Nighthawk Custom says. The pistol, chambered in 9mm or .45 ACP, pulls inspiration form the Agency Arms Urban Combat Slide, combining its functionality with the custom features Nighthawk Custom is best known for.

The 40-ounce Agent 2 features a lightened rail equipped with agency accelerator cut and a spot for mounting standard lasers and lights. Touting a one-piece magwell, barrel bushing as well as grip and thumb safety, Nighthawk says the government-sized Agent 2 continues the trend of the “faceted flat edge profile.”

The latest G10 grips from Railscales come standard, delivering an ultra slim style that lends itself to reduced printing in addition to pairing well with smaller hands. Additionally, the grip panels come outfitted with an integrated press check serrations to increase grip texture; though Nighthawk confirms the design doesn’t prove unnecessarily rough on shooters’ hands. Rounding out its features on the Agent 2, is the trigger — a variation on the Agency Arms Flat Faced Trigger with enhanced toe.

Nighthawk is currently taking orders on the Agent 2 with shipments expected to leave the factory sometime in early February. MSRP is $4,495.

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