New guns from Kahr Arms at the 2018 SHOT Show (VIDEO) stopped by the Kahr booth during the opening day of the 2018 SHOT Show to see what the company had new in stock. The most notable addition is to the “S” Series line of pistols. Kahr teamed up with John “TIG” Tiegen to make a Kryptek Typhon printed 9mm. This one of a kind pistol will only ship 1,000 units, all of which have a unique number in the series.

The most unique characteristics, besides the obvious Kryptek print, is the engravings on the gun. Each gun will have the TIG logo, Beyond the Battlefield logo, and TIG’s signature engraved on the slide. Kahr will donate part of the proceeds to TIG’s Beyond the Battlefield Foundation which provides support to wounded veterans who are returning to civilian life.

Another notable introduction for Kahr this year is the collaboration they have with Outlaw Ordinances. The two company’s have teamed up to make a a series of guns, of which, we examined the nostalgic WWII themed 1911, complete with a pinup girl laser engraved on the slide. Speaking of nostalgic, Kahr finished off our tour of the booth with another WWII themed 1911 which, by popular demand, is chambered in 9mm.

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