Magpul releases new Suppressor Cover 5.5-inch

(Photo: Magpul)

The Suppressor Cover is designed to mitigate heat and protect shooters from suppressor burns. (Photo: Magpul)

Magpul has suppressors covered, literally, introducing the new Magpul Suppressor Cover 5.5-inch designed to tame heat and protect user and suppressor.

With the ability to tackle extreme conditions, the Suppressor Cover can take on extreme temperatures caused by extended strings of semiautomatic and automatic fire —protecting the user from burns and quickening the cooling process.

Made from a heat-resistant polymer sleeve overlaid onto a raised stainless steel heat shield, the cover mounts to the suppressor body via steel clamps. Though its primary function is to minimize heat transfer and allow cooling airflow across the suppression device, the can cover also does its duty as an enhanced thermal insulator and signature reduction device; thereby eliminating mirage distortions from sight pictures.

The cover is designed for 1.5-inch outer diameter round cans with body length measuring 5.5-inches. Magpul says other lengths should be available shortly.

Available in tan or black, the Magpul Suppressor Cover – 5.5-inch is priced at $99.95.

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