Foldable and collapsable AR-15 buttstocks + STAR WARS guns! (VIDEO)

I stopped by the Dead Foot Arms booth at the 2018 SHOT Show because I kept hearing rumors about a Star Wars AR circling around. I discovered not only the Star Wars AR-15s but also what the company should be most known for, their foldable AR-15 buttstocks. These buttstocks really make the gun a lot more versatile and easily able to transport. These buttstocks were not only impressive in their design but in their usability as well. Dead Foot Arms really took the time to engineer these to make them as simple and easy to use as possible. While these buttstocks were impressive the thing I came to see was the Star Wars themed AR-15s.

I gotta give to my guy Ted there, the Cerakote finish he put on these is remarkable, they look more like works of art than functional guns, but that’s what makes them so cool! He told me that he put several layers of finish and hours of time into making the Boba Fett version and I’m sure the same could be said about the Imperial Blaster as well.

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