Apparently Nintendo has no chill when it comes to unlicensed Zappers

In complying with a demand from Nintendo's lawyers to cut it out, BDL did so and dropped the hash #dontceaseanddesistmebro (Photo: DBL)

In complying with a demand from Nintendo’s lawyers to cut it out, BDL did so and dropped the hash #dontceaseanddesistmebro (Photo: DBL)

Michigan-based custom gun coating company Blown Dead Line shared a copy of their recent correspondence with a legal team from Nintendo concerning a certain gun homage.

First released for use in Nintendo’s 1985’s Duck Hunt video game for NES, the iconic Zapper handgun has schooled legions of youth in the basics of trigger control when it came to 16-bit waterfowl (and laughing dogs). However, the game maker lost its sense of humor with a Desert Eagle that BDL recently made up to resemble said electronic light gun accessory and had their legal team dip in as Player 2.

“I guess Nintendo was a little sour because we painted a @magnumresearchinc DE to look like a Nintendo Zapper. Add this Cease & Desist letter to my collection!” said BDL on social media, with a copy of the multi-page letter threatening legal action. “Already complied and removed the photos from our Facebook page. #cerakote #dontceaseanddesistmebro #cerakotethatshit #cerakoteslayer #cerakotecertified.”

Sure, the Zapper was popular back in the Reagan-era, but, as relayed in the letter defending Nintendo’s intellectual property, it has also appeared in the Splatoon series of games released for Wii and Switch in the past few years.

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