Brownells kicks off Retro series AR-15 rifles during SHOT (VIDEOS)

Backed by a legion of YouTube gun bloggers, Brownells introduced four classic throwback AR rifles along with a cast of groovy characters to back them up.

The above 1970s-style intro features RapidFire Rachel as the fictional Bae Bae Skates, Lola and Hank Strange as Lemon Squeezy and Pookey Love, respectively, and Mrgunsngear as DM Slyder.

Moving past the personas, the guns involved are Brownell’s take on the Colt Commando– their XBRN177E2 rifle; the BRN-16A1 which is an ode to the M16A1; the green-furniture clad BRN-601 based off the Air Force 601 which ships with a waffle mag and duckbill flash hider; and the Brownells BRN16E1 which approximates the 1964-era XM16E1, all patterned after classic Eugene Stoner designs. Paul Levy with Brownells walks through the features of each below, with MSRP hitting $1,299 across the board.

Interested in seeing them in action? Mrgunsngear drops the DM Slyder wig and reviews the 601 below, while IV8888 tackle the XBRN177E2 and BRN-16A1. Meanwhile, Strange, aka Pookey Love, revisits all four at bottom.

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