FLIR introduces new Armasight PVS-14-51

(Photo: Armasight)

The Armasight by FLIR is a night vision monocular that offers 13 models and some pretty hefty price tags. (Photo: FLIR)

FLIR added a new version of the night vision monocular to its lineup releasing the Armasight by FLIR PVS-14-51.

The single tube multi-purpose tactical night vision monocular uses the same framework as the AN/PVS-14, a design that has been in use by U.S. military and NATO forces since the late 1990s. FLIR took the popular monocular and tweaked it, adding a full range of Gen2+, Gen3 and advanced FLAG Filmless Auto-Gated IIT night vision tech.

The Armasight by FLIR spans 13 models with multiple levels of performance and price. Each model touts either a 40-degree or 51-degree field of vision, granting broad peripheral vision in near zero light. The unit comes with a built-in IR illuminator and flood lens for better night vision and reading in the dark.

The waterproof Armasight boasts compatibility with a multitude of accessories for handheld uses, helmet/headgear mounting and weapon or camera mounting.

Prepare thy wallet though, entry price on the Armasight lineup is a painstaking $3,295.

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