New Winchester Hybrid-X ammo promises both expansion and fragmentation (PHOTOS)

Winchester says the "Hybrid-X redefines personal protection." (Photos: Chris Eger/

Winchester says the “Hybrid-X redefines personal protection.” (Photos: Chris Eger/

On hand at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, last week was Winchester’s latest 9mm personal defense round, the polymer-tipped Hybrid-X.

Using a copper-jacketed segmented core, the Winchester reps explained the hybrid cartridges’ fluted polymer tip helps optimize penetration of the fragmenting lead core. Loaded to +P specs, the 124-grain bullet achieves a muzzle velocity of 1,225 feet per second. In practice, the round fragments into a half-dozen projectiles to include the jacket, four-part lead core, and polymer tip.

Something like this:

That's a lot of fragments. (Photo: Winchester)

That’s a lot of fragments. (Photo: Winchester)

The effect exhibited in ballistics gel on hand is dramatic, with elements penetrating 11-14 inches. The aim of the round is to get rapid expansion and energy transfer without over-penetration.

(Photo: Chris Eger/

(Photo: Chris Eger/

No MSRP is set at this time.

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