Sightmark releases new .380 ACP Laser Boresight

(Photo: Sightmark)

The Laser Boresight for .380 ACP allows users to sight in pistols with better accuracy. (Photo: Sightmark)

Micro pistols are getting some laser boresight love, with Sightmark introducing a new Laser Boresight designed specifically for zeroing .380 ACP pistols.

The laser device is designed to slip into the chamber of the pistol, like a normal round, allowing for a more accurate and precise zero when sighting the gun in. The boresight is constructed of brass, adding durability as well as consistency in terms of chambering and extracting. Sightmark says the boresight is capable of zeroing pistols  as close as 15 yards and as far as 100 yards away.

The .380 ACP Boresight delivers a total of one hour of battery life derived from two AG5 batteries. The setup ships with both batteries and a carrying case for convenience.

“Extremely lightweight and no larger than a standard .380 ACP bullet, this boresight is easily stored for use at the range or ranch,” the company said in a statement.

The .380 ACP Boresight from Sightmark is priced at $35.

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