Talking mud with Ian and Karl from InRangeTV (VIDEO)

Among the moondust of Arizona is a group of guys that love to run brutal shooting matches in the desert, fill classic and not so classic guns in goop, and eat curious rations.

InRangeTV, a gun culture channel with over 130K subscribers on YT and a robust social media presence, has been a collaborative project with Ian “Gun Jesus” McCollum from Forgotten Weapons and his own modern day Dr. Watson/kaishakunin, Karl, since 2015. Famous (perhaps infamous?) for their series of mud test videos where they bathe vintage and sometimes not so vintage firearms in filth just to find their failure points, the crew also is super involved in a number of other projects.

In the above interview, recorded at the 40th annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas last month, Ian and Karl talk about just what is in that mud, some lessons learned from it, and future projects. Three words: Lever Gun Fire-team. Three more: Convoy Dust Test.

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