Ian with Forgotten Weapons talks about his dream guns, and a few nightmares (VIDEO)

Over the years Forgotten Weapons has evolved into the go-to site for the ignored, rare, and otherwise overlooked firearms lost to history, and Ian McCollum talks about the journey to find out more.

In the above interview conducted at the annual gathering of the gun culture tribes that is the 40th Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas last month, Ian delves into some behind the scenes information about how the project to document guns otherwise cast into oblivion evolved and became a full-time job.

He also talks about some of the worst designs he has come across in his travels, and what he is on the lookout for.

Also, what guy looks this good in a Pickelhaube?

(Photo: Screen grab via Rock Island Auctions)

(Photo: Screengrab via Forgotten Weapons)

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