Is the new XOP stock for AR-style rifles the stock of the future? (VIDEO)

The new XOP stock by Auto X Ops for AR-style rifles allows shooters to adjust the length of pull of their stock without ever taking their hand off the grip or eyes off the sights.

The patented XOP stock, (pronounced ZOP) is the brainchild of retired police officer Joede Vanek (LVMPD) and his good friend Bret Pitman. Together, they formed Auto X Ops. They came up with the idea, designed it and manufactured it entirely themselves. They were at SHOT Show 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada marketing their soon to be available product.

The XOP replaces the standard stock and pistol grip on AR platforms. The XOP is activated by a small spring loaded silver lever at the bottom of the trigger guard. The shooter uses his or her middle finger to activate it. When the shooter pulls the lever all the way to the rear, the spring loaded stock extends or can be shortened by compressing it against the shoulder. There are 11 positions that can be selected by the shooter.

The XOP allows a shooter entering a confined space to shorten the stock without ever taking his or her eyes off the sights or hand off the grip. There are many other uses as well. The XOP stock is smooth so that it doesn’t catch on clothing and it will come with different stock and grip options.

Currently Auto X Ops are taking email addresses of those interested here. You’ll receive updates and when the product is available, you’ll have first dibs.

What do you think of the XOP stock?

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