Real Avid adds new modern AR-15 bench tools to 2018 lineup

(Photo: Real Avid)

The Armorer’s Master Wrench is one of several new tools released for gun maintenance by Real Avid. (Photo: Real Avid)

Real Avid expands its tool sets, launching new AR-15 bench tools for 2018 designed to accommodate rifle maintenance and building.

Among the new additions are the Armorer’s Master Wrench, Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block and Smart-Fit AR-15 Vise Block. The Armorer’s Master Wrench kicks off the new addition, offering an accurate wrench for torqueing barrel nuts and castle nuts, according to Real Avid. The wrench also boasts a muzzle brake wrench as well as fixed stock receiver wrench. The Armorer’s Master Wrench comes with three interchangeable hammerheads that fit onto the tool itself. MSRP is $59.

(Photo: Real Avid)

The Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block, left, and Smart-Fit AR-15 Vise Block, right, finish up the Real Avid tool set series. (Photo: Real Avid)

The Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block secures upper receivers by fitting receivers into the Star Chamber. Utilizing additional pins, the upper receiver is locked into place so it remains secure while AR-15 fans are tooling away. The Lug-Lok retails for $69.

Finishing out the series is the Smart-Fit AR15 Vise Block. The Smart-Fit adjusts to work alongside multiple AR-15 magwells. In fact Real Avid says the Smart-Fit can adjust to fit every AR-15 magazine well on the market making cleaning and maintenance hassle-free. The Smart-Fit is priced at $29.

The tools are set to roll out this month.

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