Delving into today's world of 3D printed guns (VIDEO)

“All handguns will eventually be available for people to produce for themselves, and to do in the privacy of their own home,” said Cody Wilson in a piece for Reason.

If you don’t know who Wilson is, here is a primer.

In May 2013, through his Austin, Texas-based company Defense Distributed, Wilson created the Liberator, a nearly entirely 3-D printed, single shot .380 ACP pistol which he freely shared the plans for online. In the first two days, the files were downloaded nearly 100,000 times.

Then, just weeks after the genie was out of the bottle, the State Department, specifically the Department of Defense Trade Controls, demanded the plans for the Liberator be pulled from the website until further notice, citing “the United States government claims control of the information.”

This led Wilson to ally with gun rights groups and take the feds to court, a challenge that was just recently turned away at the Supreme Court.

In the meantime, Wilson moved on to producing desktop milling machines, the Ghost Gunner.

“Now, I can ship you gun machines that help you crank out 1911s all day long and nobody has anything to say about it,” says Wilson.”Because what is there to say about it?”

Then, of course, there is the Shuty AP-9, and Reason talks with the man behind that gun as well.

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