Mystery Ranch launches Guide Lite Frame and bag-only options

(Photo: Mystery Ranch)

From left to right: The Mule, Pintler and Guide Lite Frame from Mystery Ranch.  (Photo: Mystery Ranch)

Mystery Ranch will now offer its Guide Lite Frame in addition to two bag-only options, allowing hunters to swap between packs.

The Pintler and Mule will now enjoy bag-only options, allowing users to swap between packs with the Guide Lite frame. The frame comes as a frame-only option, so hunters can create and customize dual pack systems to tackle any manner of hunt.

“The ability to swap bags on and off a single frame is ideal for a backcountry hunter that mixes day hunts with extended outings,” Mystery Ranch said in a statement. “If you plan to visit the trailhead early in the morning before work, you now have the option to attach the smaller, more compact Mule or slightly larger, all day option with the Pintler to your Guide Light Frame, all while still having plenty of load carrying power in case the hunt is a success.”

The Mule is a 23-liter pack designed primarily for western mountain hunters, while the Pintler offers 41-liters of space for weekenders. Both bags come in a variety of colors with the Mule priced at $150 and the Pintler coming in at $250.

The Guide Lite Frame comes in several sizes from small to extra-large and four total color choices — Coyote, Foliage, Desolve Bare and Sub Alpine. The Guide Lite retails for $275.

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