Thyrm releases CLENS-31 to fit more lights

(Photo: Thyrm)

the CLENS-31 boasts more options for more lighting systems. (Photo: Thyrm)

After the launch of the CLENS-12, Thyrm has upped the ante delivering more options for more lights in the CLENS-31 option.

CLENS, pronounced cleanse, is a heat-resistant clear polymer circle cut to adapt to a wide variety of flashlights and weapon-mounted lights. The system aims to protect the lens from carbon build-up and other debris as a result of live fire training. The advantage, according to Thyrm, is that CLENS can be removed quickly and efficiently instead of having to apply Vaseline prior to shooting and then cleaning the light afterwards.

The CLENS-31 features a single sheet with five sizes to accommodate more lights. Thyrm says seven of the largest size fits SureFire’s Fury and Intellibeam as well as Streamlight’s Protac HL and HL-X. The medium size works alongside SureFire’s G2X and 6PX as well as Streamlight’s Strion and TLR. The smaller sizes accommodate SureFire’s x300U, Scout and XC1. The smallest of all the CLENS units tackles the InForce APL.

“Lights only work well when their lenses are clean. CLENS provides an easy way to protect lenses during extended shooting sessions,” Thyrm said in a statement. “Just like goggle tear-offs for off-road riding, just remove the dirty CLENS to return your light to its optimal brightness.”

The CLENS-31 is available from Thyrm with a MSRP of $14.99 per sheet.

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