Taking time out to go cyclic with a few vintage Owen sub guns (VIDEO)

The Gunny and pro shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss team up to dice some fruit salad via 9mm handy chops in the form of a pair of rare Australian sub guns.

As a background, the Australians were a long way from Britain’s supply lines and faced a very real threat from the Empire of Japan during WWII. Needing a submachine gun that could be cranked out locally for cheap, they took a hard look at a domestic design by young Pvt. Evelyn Ernest Owen, and soon his top-fed 9mm was put into service.

In all, some 45,000 production Owens were made, for a cost of about $30 each. Reliable and well-liked, they remained in service with the Australians well into the 1960s when they were replaced by the very Owen-like F1 submachine gun, which was in turn replaced by the Steyr F88 in the 1990s.

And the pair that KJW and R. Lee Ermey have on hand seem to work as well as a case of Fosters on a Friday night.

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