Why nobody wants to be shot with a 12 gauge marine flare (VIDEO)

In the interest of science, the shotgun merrymakers at Taofledermaus decided to test a 12 gauge marine flare against a block of moody looking ballistics gel.

A familar trope of film and TV, showing up in everything from Mad Max to Pacific Rim, flare guns are billed as uber deadly– something we have looked at in-depth in the past. With that in mind, Tao tests out an ordinary looking aerial signal flare horizonally, with spetacular results.

While the penetration isn’t that impressive, it would still provide a moment of very smoky pause in a self-defense encounter. Still, not recommended.

But on the bright side, and in related news, Tao did manage recently to weaponize Nerf darts. You know you want some.

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