Sniping a slo motion camera with a .50 cal head-on (VIDEOS)

02/8/18 12:30 PM | by

Sniping a slo motion camera with a .50 cal head-on (VIDEOS)

Gav and Dan, better known as the Slo Mo Guys, give a target’s eye view of an incoming .50 caliber BMG round fired from a Barrett.

Filmed with the help of a mirror and a Phantom v2511 camera, capable of capturing video at 25,000 frames-per-second, the flight of the 671-grain bullet seems to take forever but only lasts 0.034 seconds in real-time.

The M107 came from Destin, the Smarter Everyday guy, who does a follow-up below with a slow-mo shot on a massively thick piece of ballistic glass, which is a whole different thing altogether.

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