Tandemkross releases magazine disconnect replacement for Ruger MKIV and MKIV 22/45

(Photo: Tandemkross)

The Blast Shield Magazine Disconnect Replacement allows the Ruger MKIV to be fired without an inserted magazine. (Photo: Tandemkross)

Tandemkross continues its dominance in the Ruger MKIV aftermarket accessory department, debuting a new magazine disconnect for the pistol series.

Designed for the Ruger MKIV and MKIV 22/45, the Blast Shield Magazine Disconnect Replacement is designed to allow for the safe removal of the magazine disconnect feature. This permits the gun to fire regardless of whether a magazine is inserted or not.

Additionally, the Blast Shield ensures proper magazine alignment while also shielding the sear and hammer from debris. Tandemkross says the magazine disconnect’s construction boosts overall performance on the Ruger MKIV platform without costing consumers an arm and a leg.

(Photo: Tandemkross)

The Blast Shield works alongside Ruger MKIV and MIV 22/45. (Photo: Tandemkross)

“Listening to customer needs and doing things in an innovative way is how we get things done at Tandemkross,” Business Development Director Bryan Haaker said in a press release. “The first question we received when the Ruger MKIV released was how to remove the magazine disconnect in a safe way that doesn’t break the bank. We’re happy to be introducing the Blast Shield, a $20 solution to a $100 challenge. At Tandemkross, we know the answers are not in our building but out there with you, the shooting community.”

The Blast Shield Magazine Disconnect Replacement offers a retail price of $19.99.

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